The grey had been all I could see for days, grey in the morning, grey at night, nothing but grey. The snow managed to break up the monotony, white spots interrupting the palate, wind making those spots swirl, the cold seeping under my skin, through the walls and into my heated space.

When at last the snow ebbed, and only eight inches covered the ground, and

The Day After
The Day After

branches hung low, waiting to snap but somehow bearing the weight I bundled up, one layer over the other, found my hat, gloved up and dug out.

The low hum of snow throwers in the distance interrupted my tranquility, and ruined the atmosphere, so I didn’t feel too bad when I fired up my own, spilled gasoline creating a rainbow on the pavement I had just cleared.

Heavy snow clogged the opening, and I let the motor idle, leaned over and cleared the hole with my special finger saving stick. I lifted my head just as the sun broke through the clouds, for the first time in days.

Sunsets are pretty tough to beat. Nothing beats a setting sun that hasn’t been seen in a few days, illuminating rooftops covered with snow, turning windows into squares of fire and lighting up the snow covered trees, cars, and earth.

I thought the world had caught fire, and smiled as I revved the old machine back up, and cleared a path to my front door.



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