Look to the Sky

My friend and fellow writer Loren Eaton hosts a Christmas Advent Event at his website every year. People who participate contribute a 100 word – no more, no less Christmas themed story designed to send a chill down your spine or stoke a flame in your heart. All writers, and people who simply like to write are welcome.


This is my 2022 contribution to the festivities.

“Ready Grandson?”

“Ready Papa.”

Into the night they went, bundled up against the New England Winter; the Christmas festivities behind them, the unknown in front.

“Think they will miss us?”

“I’m sure of it.”

“Remember the first year we did this?”

“Never forget. It was a night much like this.”


They stood there, hands clasped together, in the woods, thinking of the people they love, and the people they miss.

“Close your eyes.”

“You too.”

They stood together. Then alone.

He opened them after a spell, and looked to the sky.

“See you next year, Papa?”

“Count on it, Grandson.”

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