Mr Wilson Makes it Home

When some of the light went out in Michael and Cheryl Morse’s life, Mr. Wilson brought it back.

When Michael and Cheryl Morse slowly drifted apart amid the grief of their two beloved dogs—put down on the same day three years prior—it became apparent that their lives were in need of a lift. Cheryl’s twenty-year battle with multiple sclerosis and Michael’s struggles with PTSD had taken a toll on their spirit, with little room for joy.

Too often we bask in the negativity that surrounds us and dwell on the things that didn’t happen—or should have happened. Periodic glimpses of bliss can grab us by the throat, shake us to the core, clear our sight, and give us the clarity of mind and presence of body to stop everything and take a deep breath; feel it, acknowledge it, and know that it is true. Accepting the moment as a gift to be treasured is the most important thing a person can do.

That moment arrived when a small dog was placed in the Morses’ arms.

In Mr. Wilson Makes It Home, the joy Michael and Cheryl so badly needed comes in the form of an adorable little schnoodle named Mr. Wilson. This animal adoption story tells of the love, recovery, faith, and hope that a lovable pet can bring to a brokenhearted family.


Mr Wilson book cover

Read all about Mr. Wilson here:

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